Welcome To The RAGE Works Podcast Network

If you're familiar with the RAGE Works brand then let me start off by saying thank you. Thank you for believing in what we're trying to do as well believing in the content we create whether it's written, audio or video.

If you're new to RAGE Works and what we're about I'd like to take a moment and bring you up to speed on everything. Here we go! This new site is the culmination of a thirteen-year journey that started with My Take Radio. My Take Radio was the foundation on which both the RAGE Works brand and the RAGE Works Podcast Network is built upon and both the My Take Radio podcast, as well as the My Take Radio website, truly had something for everyone. Did you want wrestling commentary? We had you covered, MMA? Covered too. What about gaming? Covered! Entertainment? Covered.

Like all good things though we hit a ceiling both in terms of branding and content. It became harder to pitch My Take Radio as a brand without having to leverage the podcast and its history. Out of that frustration and rage sprang the idea for RAGE Works. Why RAGE Works? It actually started as a joke with one of the My Take Radio faithful saying ” there goes Rich raging about X or Y”. My colleague Slick mentioned brown and black rage more times then I can count either on-air or behind the scenes. The word just followed me around everywhere either as a joke due to my ability to get mad quickly at something I did not like on air. As I pondered what the My Take Radio parent company name should be the “RAGE” word kept popping up and like a lightning bolt, it hit me. The growth of my brand comes from frustration about the things we covered and our desire to deliver our genuine thoughts on our terms. That frustration motivated me to work hard on our content and thus RAGE Worked for taking the brand to the next level. RAGE Worked? How? As I deliberated and talked myself into the name I realized that RAGE was a fitting acronym for Rants about Gaming and Entertainment.

Worked just came off weird. As I thought about it more and everything else we covered I thought of pizza, burgers, and sandwiches of all things which may seem strange but back in the day when you wanted a pie with everything on it you'd ask for “The Works” and because we do cover a little bit of everything the word worked as part of the name.

“The Works” which was the name for the brand is now the overall slogan for the podcast network as well since even our network provides a little bit of everything.

Now that we got a bit of the origin story go out and enjoy all of the great shows the RAGE Works Podcast Network has to offer.