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Turnbuckle Tabloid is your audio magazine for raw and uncensored wrestling news, interviews, and hilarious NSFW commentary.

Turnbuckle Tabloid-Episode 365

Talk Too Little

Jay is the last person to tell someone not to talk so much, but he might be right sometimes. Also, this week,

  • Joey Ryan fired?
  • Logan Paul signs with WWE
  • Jeff Hardy pleads not guilty
  • The Rock has five half-siblings
  • Santana leaving AEW?
  • GCW’s Hoodfoot injured at show
  • Io Shirai leaving WWE?
  • Alan Angels done with AEW?
  • AEW Media Scrum/Backstage Leaks
  • Sasha Banks follows Tony Khan
  • Ric Flair added back to the RAW intro
  • Around The Squared Circle

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