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Turnbuckle Tabloid is your audio magazine for raw and uncensored wrestling news, interviews, and hilarious NSFW commentary.

Turnbuckle Tabloid-Episode 171

Allegations Everywhere”

This week has been a toxic one for the sport of pro wrestling. Jay is marking out for the conversation with former Howard Stern Show producer K.C. Armstrong while Olskey is highly annoyed with the over usage of fireworks. Here is what else you can expect on this week's episode of Turnbuckle Tabloid:

  • Why are all fans maskless?
  • Sexual misconduct allegations hit the U.K. wrestling scene
  • Matt Riddle debuts on Friday Night SmackDown
  • Multiple pro wrestlers accused of sexual misconduct
  • Does Jim Cornette love threesomes?
  • Backlash review
  • What We Watched in Wrestling This Week

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