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"Trek Untold" is the Star Trek podcast that goes beyond the stars! This show features guests including character actors, stunt performers, directors, writers, VFX artists, and the behind-the-scenes people who make the Star Trek universe boldly go where no sci-fi franchise has gone before.

Trek Untold Encore: Hilary Shepard

Hilary Shepard | Trek Untold Encore

This week it's an encore episode from August 2020 with Hilary Shepard.

Hilary Shepard has terrorized teens with attitudes, did aerobics with Bea Arthur & Betty White, and tried to seduce Starfleet officers, among other accomplishments throughout her diverse career.

“Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” fans will remember her as ensign Hoya from “The Ship” and her two appearances as Lauren, the lusty genetically enhanced genius from “Statistical Probabilities” and “Chrysalis,” but many fans like myself know her best as the evil Divatox from “Power Rangers Turbo”!

We talk about dancing with Alexander Siddig and singing with The Jack Pack, how she got the role and what inspired her performance, and being directed by Anson Williams, AKA Pottsy from “Happy Days”!

Plus, memories of her all-girl band “American Girls,” working with young Johnny Depp in one of his earliest roles, “Private Resort,” being an aerobics instructor on “The Golden Girls,” and hanging out with Jon Stamos on “Full House,” being an evil villain in a Meatloaf music video, grinding on Steve Carrell in “The 40-Year Old Virgin”, and making board games with her BFF Daryl Hannah. And, of course, some talk about arguably her most famous role as DIvatox in “Power Rangers Turbo” and a strange connection with Brad Pitt's first movie role (that Hilary was a part of) and Power Rangers!

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