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"Trek Untold" is the Star Trek podcast that goes beyond the stars! This show features guests including character actors, stunt performers, directors, writers, VFX artists, and the behind-the-scenes people who make the Star Trek universe boldly go where no sci-fi franchise has gone before.

Trek Untold Episode 55: Chad Rubel, Editor on “Star Trek: Discovery”

One of the unsung heroes in making a show or film is the editor. The look, feel, and tone of the show can be manipulated by the editor to transform a production into something extraordinary.

Chad Rubel is a video editor in LA who has been working in the industry for some time and has edited the Short Treks episodes “Children of Mars” and “Ask Not,” as well as episodes from season 3 of Star Trek Discovery “People of Earth,” “Scavengers,” Terra Firma” part 1, and “There is a tide.” He is currently hard at work on season four of the series.

Chad explains how he fell in love with editing, what the post-production workflow is like and how the video editors work with the VFX teams, working with Alex Kurtzman, Olatunde Osunsanmi, and the directors and producers of DISCO, as well as having Jonathan Frakes sit in the editing room with him to work on episodes! Plus, much more about his career and other shows and movies he has worked on that you may know like “Fringe” and “Team America: World Police”!

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