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"Trek Untold" is the Star Trek podcast that goes beyond the stars! This show features guests including character actors, stunt performers, directors, writers, VFX artists, and the behind-the-scenes people who make the Star Trek universe boldly go where no sci-fi franchise has gone before.

Trek Untold Episode 3: Harry Judge

If you watched “Discovery,” you've seen this week's guest a few times – you just didn't know you were looking at him! Harry Judge has played multiple Tellarites in the first season of Disco under heavy prosthetics, including Admiral Gorch and Tevrin Krit. Our interview with him turned into a true master class of how to perform a role while completely covered up and weighed down by crazy costumes and make-up!

Harry talks about growing up in Canada, and how he became a Shakespearean trained actor, leading up to his roles in Star Trek. We chat the process of being suited up as an alien, what they don't tell you about wearing prosthetics, meeting Doug Jones, how to become a Tellarite and his process to transform into character, and working with Rainn Wilson on the Short Trek episode, “The Escape Artist.” It's a very in-depth discussion that is an amazing resource for anyone interested in acting!

Plus, working on his first movie role alongside Dan Aykroyd, Dave Foley, and Dave Thomas, being starstruck on “Suits,” playing Curt Guyette in the critically acclaimed TV movie “Flint,” and his roots on the stage.

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