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Toys & Tech of the Trade-Episode 73 | Queens Podcast Event Recap

Strengthening the Podcasting Community: Lessons from our Queens Event

We're back! Rich fires up the mics and shares the latest RAGE Works and Toys & Tech of the Trade updates, including the recent event Rich organized alongside Corey Gumbs from the Black Podcasters Association and Lee Uehara from NYC Podcasters and AAP. This was the first podcast event for the Queens area, and Rich had lots to say about how the event came together and the lessons he learned from the whole process. If you're on the fence about events, whether as an attendee or organizer, this episode should help you look at them differently.

Update: It has been over a year since our good friend James Lopez was hospitalized, and he continues to improve daily. Learn more about James' story here: , and feel free to donate, visit, and share this GoFundMe link:

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