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Toys & Tech of the Trade-Episode 68 | Real Wize Productions

Getting Wise With Stuck In My Mind Podcast's Wize

Rich recently stopped by the Stuck In My Mind Podcast and had a great conversation with Wil Otero, aka Wize, the show's host. The conversation went so well that Rich wanted to introduce Wize and his work to the Toys & Tech of the Trade audience. Wize truly is a podcasting natural, and there was plenty of podcasting talk and advice for folks looking to get into the podcasting space, plus a bit inside baseball New York talk. Wize is a prime example of a podcasting success story, and the crazy thing is he's been in the space since 2019 but has the energy and presence of someone who has been podcasting for far longer.

Thanks, as always, to the fine folks at PodMatch for putting Rich on Wize's radar. Learn more about how PodMatch can help you find your next great podcast guest here:

Update: James Lopez is finally home as of August 2022, but he still has a long road to recovery and needs our help. Learn more about James' story here: , and feel free to donate, visit and share this Go Fund Me link:

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