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Toys & Tech of the Trade-Episode 67 | Sarah LaValle

Long Island Networkers Spotlight: Sarah LaValle | Simple Sweet Sites

This post-Labor Day edition of Toys & Tech of the Trade Rich welcomes Sarah LaValle, owner of Simple Sweet Sites, to the show. Sarah is a web designer and content creator who creates unique white-label websites on the Wix platform. Rich and Sarah discussed her origins, how she went from talented viola player to web designer and entrepreneur, and how that journey shaped her current career path. Suppose you are looking to make that pivot and jump into entrepreneurship. In that case, Sarah's story will have plenty of actionable advice to help make that possible, and if you need a website for that next chapter, then Sarah is someone you'll want to know.

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Update: James Lopez is on the mend and was moved to a rehabilitation facility, but he still has a long road to recovery and needs our help. Learn more about James' story here: , and feel free to donate, visit and share this Go Fund Me link:

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