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Toys & Tech of the Trade-Episode 65 | Nicky Billou

Leveling Up Your Life & Business With Nicky Billou

Thanks to Podmatch for connecting us with this week's guest Nicky Billou. Nicky helps entrepreneurs scale their businesses; experts become thought leaders, and much more. In addition to all those great skills, Nicky is a best-selling author with seven published books and two podcasts. So if you want to scale your business, be inspired, and connect with someone who can help you take things to the next level, then Nicky is your man, and this conversation is for you. Nicky ran the gamut this episode between personal stories and actionable advice. There was so much passion from Nicky (hence the knocking on the table), and it came through in this conversation and created a truly memorable episode.

Update: James Lopez is on the mend and was moved to a rehabilitation facility, but he still has a long road to recovery and needs our help. Learn more about James' story here: , and feel free to donate, visit and share this Go Fund Me link:

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