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Toys & Tech of the Trade-Episode 60 | Underdog Showcase: Leah Spasova

In this week's episode of Toys & Tech Of The Trade, Rich sits down with Leah Spasova, CEO of LIFESEXPERTS and Instructor and course creator at Bin Burnout and Thrive. Leah is a psychologist specializing in sex and relationships, educator, entrepreneur, animal activist, content creator, and more. This conversation covered the usual spectrum of topics the podcast is known for and tackled the struggles of being a workaholic, the burnout that comes with it, and how its impact is seldomly discussed, given the current acceptance of hustle culture. Leah shared many of her struggles and the strategies she implemented to treat workaholic tendencies. If you are someone struggling in this department, this conversation will hopefully give you some guidance and techniques to help you but if you need an extra bit of help, check out Leah's resources at These tools are an excellent resource for fellow entrepreneurs,  C-level executives, Senior Managers, and Business Leaders to help them reflect on, assess and improve their work-life balance, ending the expensive and exhausting burnout-recovery-burnout vicious cycle many experience throughout their career.

The Bin Burnout and Thrive site offers a range of self-test questionnaires to help assess where a professional is in terms of burnout, workaholism, perfectionism, and their ability to balance work and personal life. Bin Burnout & Thrive also provides many resources to help individuals learn how to recover from burnout and workaholism independently. Furthermore, they invite those committed to themselves, their well-being, and long-term success to a structured course providing a step-by-step transformative journey in a supportive environment and community

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