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Toys & Tech of the Trade-Episode 46 | Bobbito Ross

While social media is sometimes a vicious place, it can also be a welcoming and exciting place to connect with folks who have similar views or are into similar things. This week's guest is proof of that as I connected with him through a post from someone wearing one of his products. I connected with Bobbito Ross after seeing a Rally B. Art post on Instagram wearing some of Bobbito's merchandise. I checked out Bobbito's social and his website. I was blown away by his talent and unique approach to promoting Puerto Rican culture and beliefs while leveraging his own experiences and interests.

The conversation ran the gamut from Bobbito's work and its impact to cultural identity and the need for voices to keep those cultural identities, ideologies, and beliefs out there for others to learn and grow.

Gadgets and gear took a back seat in a way, but this conversation's value will hopefully resonate with listeners much like it resonated with Rich.

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