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Toys & Tech of the Trade-Episode 35 | Sebastian Burton

When I was growing up, a career in the gaming industry was a pipe dream for many kids unless you had the technical chops in design or got your foot in the door as a tester. A lot has changed, and now there are many different opportunities in the gaming industry. People can create games, talk about games, and even make money playing them. This week we welcome Sebastian “Chosen 1” Burton to discuss careers in the gaming industry as well as tools and resources he uses to help his clients and grow his business. Sebastian is one of the driving forces in eSports with his Gold Standard Gaming brand and hopes to lead the charge to the next growth spurt of eSports, which Sebastian has aptly named eSports 2.0.

On a personal note, I have known Sebastian for years thanks to Unveil NYC and Stephen Cosentino, and to see his journey from a successful pro gamer to a successful entrepreneur is inspiring. There are a lot of pieces of actionable advice in this episode that you can apply beyond gaming into other fields.   

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