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Toys & Tech of the Trade-Episode 34 | Anime Expo Lite

When it comes to conventions, the future is very uncertain with some of your favorite shows skipping 2020 altogether while others are adapting to what many consider the new normal leveraging video conferencing tools to connect with their fans.

In this episode, we sit down with returning guest Megan Amo from the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation (SPJA) to discuss Anime Expo Lite 2020, which replaced the usual Anime Expo event. Megan and Rich discussed the logistics and challenges of doing a virtual event on short notice and ensuring that anime fans around the world had a good time. 

The virtual approach for this year’s Anime Expo was a tremendous success considering all the obstacles Megan and her team had to overcome. The show provided 50+ hours of programming content and reached 70+ countries. It secured over 11 million web, and mobile impressions and, most of all, had over 500,000 views. The engagement was off the charts with the SPJA fielding over 150,000 chat messages.

The Anime Expo Lite proves that dedicated fans will support an event through thick and thin, and more importantly, it validated the virtual event medium. Megan’s insights and advice will hopefully inspire those of you, considering virtual events to take a chance.

Next year the Anime Expo turns 30, and we look forward to seeing what Megan and her colleagues have in store for anime fans across the globe.

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