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Toys & Tech of the Trade-Episode 30 | BS’ing With Sean K

Toys & Tech has a ton of great guests on the horizon. In this episode, we sit down with Sean Kneese. Sean is an actor, content creator, and host of the BS’ing with Sean K Podcast.
BS’ing with Sean K is an interview series that focuses on providing a platform for people to share opinions not often heard on mainstream media. BS’ing with Sean K recently passed the 100-episode mark and is currently syndicated on Radio Free Brooklyn.
Sean shares the origins of the podcast and provides insight into being an actor and how that skill set augments his other content. Sean has appeared on Gotham, The Good Wife and Elementary. You can also find Sean showcasing his talents in various independent films and voice over projects.
Sean’s story has a lot of layers given his diverse career, so there is something of value for everyone.

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