Toys & Tech of the Trade-Episode 16| James Lopez/Fatherhood is Lit

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Show Notes

What happens when two hip-hop fans who are also techies come together to school the masses? The answer is The Phat Startup. While The Phat Startup is no longer around its impact on my business is still being felt. Its founders Anthony Frasier and James Lopez changed the game and while they may have gone their separate ways their contributions are still making an impression. Anthony is leading a tech renaissance in New Jersey and James is uniting fathers across the country via the Fatherhood Lit brand.

I sit down with James this episode and we discuss how the journey he started with The Phat Startup led him to create the Fatherhood is Lit movement which puts fathers and their kids first with positive reinforcement, amazing events and most importantly a camaraderie amongst his community of fathers. Learn why its all about presence and not about presents.

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