VxS Wrestling

Turnbuckle Tabloid-Episode 249

Constantly Being Consistent With one episode away from a milestone, Jay and Olskey explain the highs and lows of having a podcast. Isaac from VxS Wrestling stops by to drop some breaking news from the promotion and chopping it up with the guys. Also, this week, Ricochet gets heat for saying he’s better than Io…

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30 Minute Smark | Talking VxS Wrestling With Isaac Rodriguez

“Talking VxS S**t With Isaac Rodriguez“ Jay and Olskey continue their conversation with VxS Wrestling’s Isaac Rodriguez from episode 180. The views expressed on air during Turnbuckle Tabloid do not represent the views of the RAGE Works staff, partners, or affiliates. Listener discretion advised. Links Follow Turnbuckle Tabloid on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TurnbuckleTab Join the Turnbuckle Tabloid…

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