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Trek Untold Episode 59: Richard Riehle talks Star Trek TNG, VOY & ENT

Richard Riehle talks Star Trek TNG, VOY & ENT Richard Riehle is a character actor whose face you have seen on stage, television and film since the 1970’s, with a grand total of 400 on-screen credits – a number that continues to rise every year! You may remember him as Batai from the Star Trek…

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Trek Untold Episode 4: Deborah May

Sometimes, being typecast in Hollywood means being stuck in an unsavory role that you don’t want to do. For some lucky people, they find amazing roles in the same vein, and Deborah May is one of those actresses who has had the joy of playing a strong female protagonist in much of her work. On…

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Trek Untold Episode 2: Ursaline Bryant

Ursaline Bryant played Captain Tryla Scott in TNG, a character who was the fastest officer promoted to captain in Starfleet history. You may remember her from the controversial season one episode, “Conspiracy,” which is also one of the oddest entries in the entire Trek series. Ursaline chats with us about her work before and after…

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