Star Trek: Enterprise

Trek Untold-Episode 119: Alec Newman

Alec Newman, From Scotland to Star Trek Alec Newman has gone from Scotland to Star Trek, along with some other sci-fi names on his wonderful resume, and he stopped by Trek Untold to tell us all about it! Alec played Malik on three episodes of “Star Trek: Enterprise,” referred to as The Augment trilogy. He…

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Trek Untold-Episode 115: John Billingsley

The Facts about Phlox with John Billingsley Trek Untold kicks off the new year with a trip to sickbay, as we are hanging out with John Billingsley. This actor portrayed Dr. Phlox on all four seasons of “Star Trek: Enterprise” and has a lot to say about being the first Denobulan to serve on a…

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Trek Untold-Episode 87: Paul Wight talks Star Trek & Tales from The Ring

This time on Trek Untold, it’s no BS with the biggest guest we have ever had on the show – literally! He is also the most Elite! We are visited by Paul Wight, formerly known as The Big Show in WWE, and now a commentator and wrestler in AEW. Trekkies will know Paul best as…

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