seth mcfarlane

Trek Untold-Episode 131: J. Paul Boehmer

J. Paul Boehmer takes a trip Around “Carbon Creek” and Inside the Borg Cube J. Paul Boehmer has six Star Trek TV credits to his name, two in the video game world, and a long list of other credits in Theater, TV, and film. You may remember J. Paul as a Nazi officer in the…

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Trek Untold Episode 52: Ron Canada talks Star Trek TNG, DS9, and VOY

Ron Canada went from Harlem to the Delta Quadrant in the span of his over four-decade-long career on stage and screen, starting in NYC in theater and not long after in Hollywood with over 200 appearances in the many facets of his performing resume. Trekkies may remember Ron best as Martin Benbeck in the Star…

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Trek Untold Episode 51: Harvey Jason, Felix Leech from “The Big Goodbye” on Star Trek TNG

One of the best episodes from the first season of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” was “The Big Goodbye.” This was the series first intensive look into the holodecks, and it gave us an unforgettable film noir story that featured today’s guest, Harvey Jason. Mr. Jason played Felix Leech; a Peter Lorre-inspired character who, along…

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