Trek Untold-Episode 137: Chris & Matt Cushman

The Art of Star Trek Cutaways with Chris & Matt Cushman Chris and Matt Cushman are the masters of the cutaway, a type of technical illustration that strips away the hull of an industrial-designed object to show its inner workings. Lucky for sci-fi fans, the brothers are hardcore Trekkies and have used their talents for…

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Trek Untold-Episode 101: Thomas Kopache

Thomas Kopache joins us for the kickoff to season three of Trek Untold, a man who has appeared in the Star Trek franchise a whopping eight times as seven different characters! He was the Romulan named Mirok in “The Next Phase” and a train engineer on “Emergence” from Star Trek TNG, an Enterprise-B comm officer…

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Trek Untold Episode 54: John Fleck, Silik on “Star Trek: Enterprise” & Other Aliens on TNG, DS9 and VOY

John Fleck has the distinction of being one of the few performers to have roles in every series from the second wave of Trek shows. He was the Romulan Taibak in Star Trek TNG “The Mind’s Eye”, a Cardassian overseer in DS9 “The Homecoming”, as well as Ornithar from “The Search” and another Romulan named…

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