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Turnbuckle Tabloid-Episode 292

Have A Beer And A Body Slam Although a little late, this week’s episode is well worth the wait. First, Jay discusses the differences between pro wrestling and sports entertainment. Also, this week, Jay returns to indy wrestling and shares his thoughts on the experience. The views expressed on air during Turnbuckle Tabloid do not…

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Trek Untold Episode 2: Ursaline Bryant

Ursaline Bryant played Captain Tryla Scott in TNG, a character who was the fastest officer promoted to captain in Starfleet history. You may remember her from the controversial season one episode, “Conspiracy,” which is also one of the oddest entries in the entire Trek series. Ursaline chats with us about her work before and after…

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MTR Rewind: My Take Radio Episode 107- Dr. David Reiss

Dr. David Reiss was my guest for our 107th episode . Dr. Reiss is a practicing psychiatrist with over 25 years of experience, specializing in adult and adolescent psychiatric care. Dr. Reiss’s visit was not to commit me or to stage an intervention, but to discuss the mental side of professional wrestling. We covered so…

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