Trek Untold-Episode 129: Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut

Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut Joins the La Forge Family & Star Trek Legacy in “Picard” S3 Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut played Sidney La Forge in the third and final season of “Star Trek: Picard,” one of the daughters of Geordi La Forge. Ashlei stopped by Trek Untold to tell us all about being the helmsman aboard the…

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Trek Untold Bonus Minisode: Daniel Davis Talks Moriarty’s Return in “Star Trek: Picard”

Daniel Davis Talks Moriarty’s Return in “Star Trek: Picard” One of the best things about Picard S3 has been the fan service from TNG, DS9, and VOY; one epic piece of the past just returned in a shocking way! In an episode filled with easter eggs, “The Bounty” brought Riker, Worf, and Raffi inside the…

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Trek Untold-Episode 88: “Locutus of Borg: Jean-Luc Picard and Trauma” with Jeff Akin & Michael Hough

The damage of the Borg goes far beyond the remnants of starships at Wolf 359 and left deep scars on Jean-Luc Picard both mentally and physically. The traumatic experience of being abducted, violated, and utterly powerless filled the Captain with feelings that took him years to work through, some of which will likely be explored…

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