Atomic Business Coaching-Episode 35

What Happens When You Challenge Your Brain to Work Hard? In this podcast episode, hosts Adam and Tom discuss the power of approaching hard work with a positive mindset and how it can lead to success. Adam emphasizes hard work’s mental and physical toll, regardless of the work one does, and stresses the idea that…

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Slaying For Me-Episode 2

This Too Shall Pass Life’s downs can take a toll on us sometimes, even for the most positive people in the world. Today’s episode focuses on helping you change your mindset on life’s dramatic scenes, as podcast host Alexis A. McCoy would call them. Highlights: Motivation through health problems Speak life over yourself Faith over…

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Toys & Tech of the Trade-Episode 54 | One On One With The Warrior Entrepreneur Zachary Green

Toys & Tech of the Trade welcomes international best-selling author, entrepreneur, US Marine, and Firefighter Zachary Green. Zach shares his entrepreneurial journey and all the hardships he had to overcome along the way. His dedication and warrior mindset led him to be elected to the city council and recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year by…

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