john billingsley

Trek Untold-Episode 115: John Billingsley

The Facts about Phlox with John Billingsley Trek Untold kicks off the new year with a trip to sickbay, as we are hanging out with John Billingsley. This actor portrayed Dr. Phlox on all four seasons of “Star Trek: Enterprise” and has a lot to say about being the first Denobulan to serve on a…

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Trek Untold Episode 65: Molly Hagan, Eris, the first Vorta from DS9

Molly Hagan, Eris, the first Vorta from DS9 Trekkies will remember Molly Hagan as the very first Vorta ever seen in Star Trek history, debuting on the second season DS9 finale “The Jem’Hadar”. After that, fans expected her to become a Star Trek regular, but she never reprised the role or returned to the franchise….

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