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Trek Untold Episode 63: Walter Koenig, Ensign Pavel Chekov from “Star Trek”

Walter Koenig, Ensign Pavel Chekov from “Star Trek” In the past, I’ve always said how excited I was to chat with an actor who appeared on the original Star Trek. But, this time around, it’s not just any actor, but a key part of the bridge crew! Walter Koenig was Ensign Pavel Chekov, who appeared…

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Trek Untold Episode 45: John Putch, Mendon & Mordock from Star Trek TNG & Reporter from “Generations”

The Benzites are one of my favorite aliens in Star Trek, and on this episode of “Trek Untold”, we speak with the man behind the makeup of the very first one ever seen onscreen, John Putch. Putch was in “Star Trek: The Next Generation” twice, first as Mordock in the first season episode “Coming of…

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