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Trek Untold-Episode 86: Clyde Kusatsu Career Interview, Part 2

Clyde Kusatsu is back in part two of our epic career-spanning interview on Trek Untold! This week, we get deep into Star Trek and connections around it, focusing on his time as Admiral Nakamura in three episodes of Star Trek TNG. We also find out what character Clyde auditioned for in DS9, his thoughts on…

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Trek Untold Episode 52: Ron Canada talks Star Trek TNG, DS9, and VOY

Ron Canada went from Harlem to the Delta Quadrant in the span of his over four-decade-long career on stage and screen, starting in NYC in theater and not long after in Hollywood with over 200 appearances in the many facets of his performing resume. Trekkies may remember Ron best as Martin Benbeck in the Star…

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