Israel Adesanya

Fight In Sight Podcast-Episode 127 | Khaleel Pearson

Israel Adesanya UFC290 Reaction, Ronda Return, and Logan Paul!? – FIS Ep.127 ft. Khaleel Pearson #UFC290 was insane! But the craziest thing of all was Izzy’s post-fight speech! Are you with him, against him? Surprised the UFC seems ok with this angle?! We talk about it here and would love to know your thoughts in…

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Fight In Sight Podcast-Episode 114

How Toxic Are MMA Fans? And Other Random MMA News… – FIS Ep.114 Three guests bailed on us last minute, but the show MUST go on! This week hosts Timmy B and Braydbunch talk about random MMA news and topics! Specifically, how toxic is MMA Twitter, what UFC fighters don’t even manage their socials, and…

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