Atomic Business Coaching-Episode 39

Welcome to our Facebook Group! In this episode, Adam and Tom discuss their new Facebook group designed to take your business to the next level. This exclusive platform is tailored specifically for business owners and professionals in the fields of finance, health and wellness, consulting, and more.   Members of this group will have access…

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Atomic Business Coaching-Episode 26

Surviving a Hack: How to Plan for Business Continuity On this episode of the Atomic Business Coaching podcast, hosts Adam T. Hurd and Tom Marino took a deep dive into a topic that’s increasingly relevant in today’s digital age: hacking. The duo discussed an incident where their Facebook was hacked, turning a potentially disastrous situation…

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The Eat 4 Life Podcast-Episode 31

Form Voltron!   The Eat 4 Life podcast has the whole crew this week, and they ran the gamut of thought-provoking conversations ranging from crypto to the impact of Facebook/ Meta and the Metaverse as a whole, plus much more. There were minor audio issues in the early part of the broadcast, but the crew…

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