Eat 4 Life

The Eat 4 Life Podcast-Episode 32

Year-End Gems With Grace Gong The Eat 4 Life podcast closes out its 2021 run with podcaster and entrepreneur Grace Gong. Grace is a former investment manager and is the host of the Smart Venture Podcast. The Smart Venture Podcast bills itself as the best information diet for future CEOs. With a past guest list…

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The Eat 4 Life Podcast-Episode 31

Form Voltron!   The Eat 4 Life podcast has the whole crew this week, and they ran the gamut of thought-provoking conversations ranging from crypto to the impact of Facebook/ Meta and the Metaverse as a whole, plus much more. There were minor audio issues in the early part of the broadcast, but the crew…

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The Eat 4 Life Podcast-Episode 27

Back In Action With Entrepreneur Mohamed Taysir The Eat 4 Life Podcast returns from a brief hiatus, and they’re not back alone as entrepreneur Mohamed Taysir joins them. Mohamed is a multifaceted entrepreneur with deep roots in gaming. He is a Lecturer, Speaker, certified Blockchain Instructor & Solutions Architect, Business Strategist, Futurist, Technologist, and Angel…

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