Duncan Regehr

Trek Untold Episode 77: Best of Trek Untold in 2021, Part One

As 2021 comes to a close, Trek Untold looks back on some highlights from this past year. In part one of two, let’s revisit our interviews with Jonathan Frakes, Duncan Regehr, Dey Young, Raven Dauda, Dennis Madalone, Ron Canada, Harvey Jason, John Putch, Noah Averbach-Katz. Check out “A Strange New Pod” here – www.strangenewpod.com Listen…

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Trek Untold Episode 53: Gates McFadden, Dr. Beverly Crusher from Star Trek TNG

You know her best as Dr. Beverly Crusher from Star Trek TNG, and she’s now the host of a brand new podcast from the Nacelle Company. Get ready to hear from Gates McFadden, and learn the secrets about her upcoming show, where she will be chatting with many of her former Trek cast members, including…

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Trek Untold Episode 36: Duncan Regehr, The Sex-Candle Ghost from “Star Trek TNG” and Shakaar on DS9

In the decorated annals of Star Trek memes, few are as strong and enduring as the sex-candle ghost from the seventh season TNG episode “Sub Rosa.” In this episode, we are honored to have that spirit take physical form, as we speak with the actor who brought Ronin to life, Duncan Regehr. While many fans…

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