Derrick Samuels

MTR Beyond The Mic: Derrick Samuels/EnGeniux

Interview Notes Derrick Samuels from EnGeniux joined us for this new episode of Beyond The Mic. Many of you may remember Derrick from episode of 98 of My Take Radio where he shared his vision of an android based console called the EVO 2 which at the time was ready to hit the market and…

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MTR Rewind: My Take Radio Episode 98-Derrick Samuels/EnVizions

I had the pleasure of speaking with Envizions  CEO Derrick Samuels about the upcoming EVO 2  ( GameBox) console that is part PC and part console. The EVO 2 will be an Android based console that looks to become the center of you home theater offering streaming of games and media. In speaking with Mr….

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