Trek Untold Episode 58: Marco Rodriguez, Captain Paul Rice & Glinn Telle from Star Trek TNG

Marco Rodriguez is a veteran actor with over 130 credits to his name, and two of those roles were on “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”  Marco first appeared on TNG in the first season episode “The Arsenal of Freedom” as a holographic version of Captain Paul Rice, where he shared the screen with Jonathan Frakes,…

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Trek Untold Episode 54: John Fleck, Silik on “Star Trek: Enterprise” & Other Aliens on TNG, DS9 and VOY

John Fleck has the distinction of being one of the few performers to have roles in every series from the second wave of Trek shows. He was the Romulan Taibak in Star Trek TNG “The Mind’s Eye”, a Cardassian overseer in DS9 “The Homecoming”, as well as Ornithar from “The Search” and another Romulan named…

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