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Atomic Business Coaching-Episode 35

What Happens When You Challenge Your Brain to Work Hard? In this podcast episode, hosts Adam and Tom discuss the power of approaching hard work with a positive mindset and how it can lead to success. Adam emphasizes hard work’s mental and physical toll, regardless of the work one does, and stresses the idea that…

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Atomic Business Coaching-Episode 32

The Power of Hobbies for Professional and Personal Success In this engaging conversation, Tom and Adam delve into the significance of hobbies for business owners and entrepreneurs. They both underscore the incredible benefits hobbies offer, including stress reduction, improved focus, enhanced creativity, and the opportunity to connect with others. Additionally, hobbies are crucial in maintaining…

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Atomic Business Coaching-Episode 19

How to Supercharge: Tips from a Holistic Human Performance Expert In the latest Atomic Business Coaching Podcast episode, Tom and Adam had the pleasure of speaking with Gena Bradshaw, a holistic health and wellness expert. Their discussion centered around the importance of prioritizing holistic health and wellness for entrepreneurs and business owners. Gena’s approach to…

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