Boy Meets World

Trek Untold Episode 62: Jason Marsden, Grimp from “Star Trek DS9”

Jason Marsden, Grimp from “Star Trek DS9” Growing up, it wasn’t unusual for me to hear the voice of Jason Marsden in something I watched. Whether he was off-screen performing VO in a cartoon or acting on-screen, Jason has an amazing career that started at a young age and continues today. Trekkies may remember Jason…

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My Take Radio–Episode 162

Show Notes Our listener DaSilva is going to be participating in Movember and our past Beyond the Mic guest Adam Jay from Superhero Photography is crowdsourcing his next project which is a female Robocop. If any listeners are interested in donating to either of these individuals here are the links DaSilva-Movember: Superhero Photography Robocop:…

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