Slaying For Me-Episode 26

All Hail The Queen In today’s episode, host Alexis A. McCoy was joined by Anthony “Josiesboy” Gonzalez to speak about Beyoncé’s  Renaissance album. Highlights: What’s your favorite song? Dance music Beyoncé’s  work ethic Follow Tony Gonzalez & Painted In Blue Follow Painted In Blue on Instagram: Follow Painted In Blue on Tik Tok:…

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Call Me When It’s Over-Episode 212

“Nostalgia Is That You?” Do you know what’s fun? Taking a trip down memory lane. Do you know what’s REALLY fun? Stopping what you’re doing and listening to episode 212 of Call Me When It’s Over. In this week’s episode, “Nostalgia Is That You?“, Josiesboy (@josiesboy) and Alexis (@alonafuss) both want to know, how can…

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Call Me When It’s Over-Episode 44

The views expressed on air during Call Me When It’s Over do not represent the views of the RAGE Works/My Take Radio staff, partners or affiliates. Listener discretion is advised. Show Notes “On This Day in Karaoke History” Do you feel like singing? No? Good, you can take a seat and listen to episode 44…

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