avaah blackwell

Trek Untold-Episode 106: Avaah Blackwell

Avaah Blackwell Rolls With The Punches We first spoke with Avaah Blackwell nearly two years ago while she was working on “Star Trek: Discovery” as the alien Starfleet crew member named Osnullus. Fast forward to today, and her work in the Trek franchise has expanded in some big ways, including being Rebecca Romijn’s stunt double…

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Trek Untold Episode 20: Avaah Blackwell, Osnullus from “Star Trek Discovery”

It’s no easy task to put on prosthetics in the Star Trek universe, but Avaah Blackwell is one actress that is up for the task. She went from a model to actress and is now on the road to being a stunt performer. You would know Avaah from her role in “Star Trek: Discovery,” but…

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