Atomic Business Coaching-Episode 32

The Power of Hobbies for Professional and Personal Success In this engaging conversation, Tom and Adam delve into the significance of hobbies for business owners and entrepreneurs. They both underscore the incredible benefits hobbies offer, including stress reduction, improved focus, enhanced creativity, and the opportunity to connect with others. Additionally, hobbies are crucial in maintaining…

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Atomic Business Coaching-Episode 10

How to know if you’re ready for growth  You may be asking yourself this question – should I grow my business?  Of course, as an entrepreneur, there are always new opportunities to grow your business. But is growth always the right decision?   You won’t want to miss the latest episode of the Atomic Business Coaching…

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Atomic Business Coaching-Episode 8

The Truth About Confidence for The Self Employed  Are you struggling to find the confidence you need to succeed as a self-employed person? In this Atomic Business Coaching Podcast episode, Adam and Tom share the truth about confidence and how you can start feeling more confident today.  Confidence isn’t a permanent trait; it changes depending…

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