Breaking Barriers in Podcasting: NYC Podcasters Collaborate for First Queens Event

New York City, August 2, 2023 – NYC Podcasters, in partnership with the Black Podcasters Association, RAGE Works, and Spotlight Podcasting, is set to invigorate the podcasting community beyond Manhattan's borders with their inaugural podcast event being held in Queens. With an aim to create an inclusive and dynamic podcasting community beyond the NYC skyline, focusing on the other boroughs and Long Island, this event will feature insightful presentations, networking opportunities, and delightful Colombian cuisine, representing a taste of one of the many cultures in the diverse Queens area.

Rich Content for Aspiring Podcasters

This event, scheduled for August 16 from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm, will be held at Pollos ala Brasa Mario in Jackson Heights, NY, and will welcome podcasters and podcast enthusiasts to an evening of learning, connection, and inspiration. RAGE Works Podcast Network founder Rich Butler, an experienced podcaster, will lead a discussion on “podfading” and breaking the ten-episode podcast hurdle, providing valuable insights for budding content creators.

Empowering Communities Through Podcasting

Corey Gumbs, Founder of the Black Podcasters Association, will deliver a compelling presentation on building vibrant podcasting communities. Lee Uehara, Founder of the NYC Podcasters Collective and a seasoned podcaster, will share diverse approaches to producing captivating shows, while Jonathan Baillie Strong from Spotlight Podcasting will shed light on the fascinating world of AI for podcasting.

A Winning Combination

Each speaker at this event brings years of experience and expertise in the podcasting realm, and they are dedicated to giving back to the podcasting community through their presentations. Attendees can expect valuable knowledge, creative strategies, and actionable insights to enrich their podcasting journey, whether they already have a show or are on a path to start their first.

Join the Movement

NYC Podcasters: Summer Session marks the first of three planned gatherings across NYC and Long Island. If you are passionate about podcasting or eager to explore this vibrant world, seize the opportunity and join what will be a great evening to eat, network, and level up.

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For media inquiries, interviews, or further information, please get in touch with Rich, Lee, or Corey via their respective outlets and socials.

About NYC Podcasters: NYC Podcasters is an indie collective — all are welcome — of independent (so far) showrunners based in New York City. If you have a podcast and live in the New York City metro area, then come on in! Please note that we are MOST interested in folks who want authentic connection and will also contribute to the group. If that describes you, then please click HERE to join us to receive membership information.

About the Black Podcaster Association: Black Podcasters Association‘s mission is to unite Black podcast creatives and professionals committed to redefining the podcast landscape and establish a foundation that fully supports our creative voices, respects our brands, and aligns with our core values, as we share engaging content with the world.

About RAGE Works: RAGE Works is a content creation brand born from its original podcast offering, My Take Radio. It specializes in pop culture and entertainment content in audio, video, and written formats. The RAGE Works Podcast Network is a one-stop shop for podcast listeners to choose from a diversified lineup of shows, running the gamut from gaming, wrestling, and MMA to self-help and wellness, with more to come. The network also provides a platform for fledgling podcasters to bring their shows to life thanks to our turnkey offerings via RAGE Works Podcast Productions. If you are interested in launching a podcast, RAGE Works can take the helm behind the scenes so you can focus on the essential thing: using your voice to bring your passions to the world.

About the Asian Americans Podcasters Association (AAP): Asian American Podcasters Association (AAP) is the home of the Golden Crane Podcast Awards and welcomes all who identify as AAPI* creatives, producers, hosts, and editors who are at different stages of podcasting. (*Asian American Pacific Islander.) Our members represent all levels of podcasting: from aspiring show-runners who are planning to launch to those with many years of experience at critically-acclaimed shows. Based in New York City, members are AAPIers from all over the world.

About Spotlight Podcasting: Spotlight Podcasting is an agency that helps brands leverage audio podcasting. Providing comprehensive services from strategy development to technical setup and end-to-end production, Jonathan and his team ensure that clients need only focus on recording – and Spotlight Podcasting takes care of the rest. In his downtime, Jonathan Bailie Strong likes to immerse himself in the vibrant culture of Jackson Heights, where he lives, enjoying sancocho and dancing salsa with his wife's Colombian family on weekends.