Show Notes

The final MTR of 2014 heads your way! Slick stops by to talk gaming and Rich sounds off on Sony situation and the studio’s decision to pull the interview from theaters.


Video Games

·00:10:59 – Audio

·00:11:17 – Video

  • DmC heads to PS4 and Xbox One in 2015
  • Christmas comes to GTA V
  • Street Fighter channels its inner animal
  • PS4 gets more media center enhancements courtesy of Plex
  • Batman Beyond joins the Lego Batman universe
  • WCW invades WWE 2K15
  • Benoit gets gamers banned
  • Slick & Rich share titles on their radar for 2015





·01:02:06– Audio

·01:09:44 – Video

  • Will we see Street of Rage and Altered Beast on the big screen?
  • Rumor! Miami Vice back in theaters?
  • Spidey’s future at Sony uncertain
  • Moses defeats Katniss at the box office
  • Interstellar breaks IMAX records
  • Rich addresses the Sony situation
  • Creed is happening and Stallone is involved
  • Guardians of the Galaxy is a Blu-ray hit




  • My Take Radio will return in 2015!



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