MTR Rewind: My Take Radio Episode 98-Derrick Samuels/EnVizions

I had the pleasure of speaking with Envizions  CEO Derrick Samuels about the upcoming EVO 2  ( GameBox) console that is part PC and part console. The EVO 2 will be an Android based console that looks to become the center of you home theater offering streaming of games and media. In speaking with Mr. Samuels we learned the origins of Envizions and the amount of work involved in bringing not only the EVO 2 to life but also the company itself. Mr. Samuels invested his own money and worked hard to bring this vision to the public.  Besides working on the EVO 2  Envizion also does philanthropic work with their 1 Million Dream initiative which strives to give underprivileged children a creative outlet via an EVO2 consoles & tablets. I applaud Mr. Samuels and his staff not only for investing so much time and energy into Envizions but also in striving to do something for those less fortunate. We hope to be able to review the EVO 2 in the future but until then please check out the links below to learn more about Envizions and their 1 Million Dream initiative. MTR looks forward to working with Envizion in the future so stay tuned.





1 Million Dreams


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You can listen to the episode here.

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