MTR Rewind: My Take Radio Episode 97- Bloodstain Lane & Prodigy X

For our 97th episode we were joined by two separate guests to cover to subjects near and dear to our listeners. Our first guest was Bloodstain Lane who was making his second appearance on MTR. BSL stopped in to discuss the Strikeforce Grand Prix and to announce the launch of the Team Takeover website which cover all aspects of combat sports. Team Takeover is your new one stop shop for coverage on K-1,MMA,Puro and Boxing as well.  They have an awesome roster of talent so if you love combat sports you should check them out.


Team Takeover- Site

Bloodstain Lane- vlogs

Bloodstain Lane-Twitter


Our second guest of the evening was gaming personality and pro gamer Prod1gy X.  Prod1gy X is well known in the gaming community for his contributions to eSports. Beside being a competitor and runner up on WCG Ultimate Gamer he is also a fixture on the competitive circuit bringing the pain in Gears Of War and also streaming a diverse selection of games on his channel. Prod1gy now works on promoting the GAEMS entertainment system which allows you to take your console with you for gaming on the go. Prodigy is terrific ambassador for eSports and has a work ethic that will take him far.


Prod1gy X- Twitter

Prod1gy X- Channel

Prod1gy X- JustinTV


If you would like to pick up a GAEMES Unit you can do so below.


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