MTR Rewind: My Take Radio Episode 127- Diamond Dallas Page/DDP Yoga


DDP Yoga



Show Notes

It would only be fitting that our last live show would go out with a bang. That bang was provided by none other than former WCW Heavyweight & WWE Tag Team Champion Diamond Dallas Page.  Since his departure from the squared circle DDP has become a successful entrepreneur with his Yoga For Regular Guys program which has since evolved to DDP Yoga. DDP embraced the benefits of yoga as rehabilitation for a neck injury suffered during his time in WCW. He shared with us his apprehension at embracing yoga but after a few sessions he realized that it was beneficial in making him heal without the rigors of rehabilitation. DDP took traditional yoga and evolved it into a hybrid training regimen that utilizes dynamic resistance , active breathing techniques and power movements. The beauty of this style of yoga is that it is non impact and works on not only increasing flexibility but also promoting fat loss and lean muscle growth. DDP Yoga has made DDP a flexible and healthy athlete at 55 years old and while his results are to be expected as the creator of the program the individual in this video is a true testament to its effectiveness.


As you can see in this video Arthur Boorman had an amazing transformation due to DDP Yoga. DDP Yoga practioners are not only regular folks but also some of DDP’s pro wrestling peers. Athletes like HBK, Josh Barnett and Chris Jericho  have all used these techniques. Check out the testimonial from Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla himself.

Untitled from Dallas Page on Vimeo.


DDP was a pleasure to speak to and share some incredible stories about greats like Macho Man Randy Savage and also his Jersey Triad stablemates Chris Kanyon and Bam Bam Bigelow.



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