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Interview Notes

When I started MTR in 2006 I was just a guy with a USB microphone and the desire to share my views with the masses on a grand scale. I realized that in order to evolve and become better you need to seek out others that share your drive, your interests and the will to make sacrifices to ensure success. Along the way I studied the works of guys like Tim Ferris, Ramit Sethi and JD Roth searching for inspiration to be better myself personally and professionally. I came across the crew from The Phat Startup and found not only inspiration but a kinship with individuals I never met. The Phat Startup is a think tank comprised of talented hustlers who strive to educate entrepreneurs both young and old with edgy, hip and thought provoking dialogue and content. James Lopez and Anthony Frasier took time to speak with me and share their successes, their goals and even their failures. I hope their stories enlighten you the reader, listener and viewer and perhaps spark the flame of creativity in you.


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Twitter (James Lopez): https://twitter.com/imjamesjlopez

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Official Site: https://www.thephatstartup.com

Official Store: https://www.thephatstartup.com/shop/

Phat Startup Education: https://learn.thephatstartup.com/

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