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Dr. Rob Dickman and Simon Edwards joined us to discuss their upcoming animated series Wroxer. Wroxer borrows elements of MMA and pro wrestling while instilling strong core values in children. Here is the synopsis for the series.

Wroxer is the story of ROBBY WALKER an underdog MMA fighter leading a team of misfit superheroes known as “THE CORE” against the evil “VOID” in a battle that will determine the fate of humanity.


Yin and Yang. The battle between good and evil. An equal balance that effects not only our lives, but the balance of the universe. EARTH has provided an environment upon itself in which life can exist and thrive. But for every positive there is a negative. And to Earth’s “Yin” there is a planetary “Yang”… VENUS. Earth’s intergalactic twin in many ways with the exception of one: Life.

Venus despises life, and is hell bent on destroying it. Millions of years ago, in the age of dinosaurs, Venus injected an evil energy know as THE VOID into a passing comet, and directed it towards an unsuspecting Earth. The Void is a virus that can wipe out all life in it’s path by infecting a living creature and guiding it towards the destruction of other life. Once the comet struck Earth, The Void spread to the dinosaurs and drove them to extinction. For this, Earth never forgave Venus.

Millions of years later a new form of life has risen to prominence on Earth. The human race. Venus once again injected The Void, this time into the X1/WXR comet also known as WROXER, and directed it on a collision course with Earth. But this time Earth was ready. Countering the evil Void energy with an energy of it’s own… THE CORE. A counter balancing energy designed to battle the Void, and protect life on Earth with enhanced power and the use of Earth’s elements in defense. Upon colliding with the Earth, the Wroxer comet was broken up into ORBS and scattered across the globe. Each orb contains an equal amount of Void, and Core energy, as well as the ability to control one of five Earthly elements: FIRE, WATER, LIFE, WIND, AND ELECTRICITY.

Humans who come into contact with an orb become WROXERS… those with the ability to ADAPT into their INNER FIGHTERS. Someone with a greater amount of positive spirit who comes into contact with an orb becomes a member of The Core, while those with a greater amount of negative spirit becomes a member of The Void. To keep the universe in balance, each orb has the ability to create one hero and one villain. An Earthly Yin, to Venus’ Yang. Using the elements in a war that will determine the future of mankind.


Here is a sneak peek of what you can expect when Wroxer debuts















Besides the preview above here is a look at the two factions from the world of Wroxer.

The Core

and no heroes can be complete without their villains.

The Void


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