MTR Beyond The Mic: Katie Brinks/NEST

Interview Notes

Katie Brinks from Nest was our latest guest on MTR Beyond The Mic. What is Nest? Nest is an intelligent thermostat that learns your schedule, programs itself and most importantly can be controlled by your phone. The brain child of iPhone designer Tony Fadell has not only been receiving rave reviews but has changed the way we approach home automation and most importantly given techies a way to save on their energy bills.

Ms. Brinks is the head of Corporate Communications at Nest and not only shared her story of how she came to work for Nest but also shared the motivations of the company as it seeks to revolutionize the way we heat and cool our homes. One of the biggest expenditures in my home is heating and on average we spend $250-$350 and in researching Nest for this interview I inadvertently learned effective temperatures to heat my home. While many may feel the price of the thermostat is on the high side you have to realize you are paying for a piece of smart technology on par with the mobile device in your pocket that will recoup its value within a month or two of use.



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