MTR Beyond The Mic: Jason David Frank/ Mixed Martial Artist, Power Ranger and Guinness World Record Holder

Interview Notes

In our latest installment of MTR Beyond The Mic we interviewed Jason David Frank. A lot of you may know Jason from his work on Power Rangers but there is much more to this amazing individual. Jason is not only an accomplished martial artist but he also created his own fighting system called “Toso Kune Do” (Translation: Way of the Fighting Fist). In addition to his diverse martial arts background Jason also competes in mixed martial arts and is a Guinness world record holder. It was great talking to an individual who takes pride in his work and continues to connect and inspire his fans on a consistent basis. Amongst all the stuff we discussed you’ll hear about a sparring session with Jose Canseco, a potential fight with Jean Claude Van Damme that fell through and Jason’s desire to have an MMA fight with WWE superstar CM Punk.






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