MTR Behind The Mic: Michael Manna/ T4 Show

This is our first installment of our app/iTunes exclusive interview series MTR Behind The Mic. Our first guest was the multi talented Michael Manna who wrestling fans may know as Stevie Richards. Michael hosts the T4 Show every Wednesday at 9pm est. on with his co-host Josh “Colm” Coleman. Michael and Colm discuss all the latest news in tech and gaming. In this interview Michael shares his views on Android, gaming and his love of Apple products and also teaches me a few things in the process. In addition to doing unboxing and tech videos for T4 ,Michael does fitness videos as well. As a techie and fitness enthusiast I really enjoy Michael's videos for their great presentation and accessible instructions. For those that are wondering Michael does still wrestle and is currently working with Lucha Libre USA which you can see on MTV2.

Enjoy our 1st installment and be on the lookout for more great interviews as MTR goes Behind The Mic.





Michael Manna on Twitter- @MichaelManna

Josh Coleman on Twitter- @Colmination

T4 on Youtube