GamiFi Everything: Beyond the Metaverse

The GamiFi Everything podcast helps prepare you for your digital future. Host Monica Miller chats with the top innovators and thought leaders in blockchain gaming, NFTs, and the Metaverse.

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GamiFi Everything: Beyond the Metaverse-Episode 25

A Conversation With Digital Storytellers Founder Xander Simms

Episode 25 of the podcast features Xander Simms, Creative Technologist and Founder of Digital Storytellers Inc. Xander shares a touching story of how he unofficially started his metaverse journey years ago, leveraging technology to create accessibility for a non-verbal child. He then explains how the metaverse has continued to help increase accessibility, sharing a project he recently supported that launched the first NFT wedding dress created by a blind designer. Xander later describes his hope for a singularity of value creation in the metaverse over the next 12 months, similar to the “Big Bang.”

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