GamiFi Everything: Beyond the Metaverse

The GamiFi Everything podcast helps prepare you for your digital future. Host Monica Miller chats with the top innovators and thought leaders in blockchain gaming, NFTs, and the Metaverse.

GamiFi is the launchpad of choice for Metaverse, Play to Earn, or blockchain-enabled games.

GamiFi Everything: Beyond the Metaverse-Episode 20

A Conversation With Emotional Ideas CEO Joshua Nelson

Episode 20 of the podcast features Joshua Nelson, CEO of Emotional Ideas. Joshua's company uses the metaverse to bring “Mario Kart” racing to real life, with his augmented reality experience “Battle Racing.” Marcus and Joshua discuss how gamification will fundamentally evolve the motorsports industry. They also have a candid conversation about the challenges of raising venture capital as a Black founder in the United States (less than 2% of all US venture capital goes to startups with Black founders).

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In case you missed it, GamiFi's second IDO (Time Raiders) launched March 17th and is currently being distributed.

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